The Herlitz Company dates back over 70 years to 1935.

Steve Herlitz (1910-2002), who was the founder of the company, was also a founding member and 1st President of PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), the premiere group in the world of medical meetings. With Steve’s retirement, his son Bruce became the sole proprietor of The Herlitz Company. Bruce Herlitz (1935-2007) worked with the company in all phases for more than 40 years. In 1992, Kristofer Steven Herlitz joined as the Meetings and Special Projects Manager and provided exposition management expertise on numerous medical industry related meetings and conferences. Today, as President, Kristofer oversees all operations. As a Past-President of the New York Chapter of PCMA (currently NYPCMA Webmaster), past board member of the International Rett Syndrome Association (now IRSF), member of the National Press Club and many other fine industry organizations, Kris looks forward to developing new industry expositions and conferences.

Over the years, The Herlitz Company has run hundreds of national and international meetings, some with as many as 35,000 registrants and more than 1,100 exhibit booths. During this same period the advertising representation business also grew and millions of dollars of ad sales were carefully engineered and produced for many prestigious medical associations and publishers.

As the company progressed many innovations were created. Along with PCMA, Steven Herlitz also founded the Association for Medical and Allied Publications (AMAP). Pioneering efforts were also made in Closed Circuit Television and in audio/visual education, with the founding of Audio Visual Medical Marketing (AVMD).

In 1966, the Company began one of the earliest medical tabloids for the American Psychiatric Association, Psychiatric News. This was followed by an independent tabloid, U.S. Medicine, in 1974. Industry, originally skeptical, now looks very kindly on these easy-to-read, high-visibility tabloid print media.

In 1979, the Company began publishing two tabloids that did not compete with anything being represented: Oncology Times and Emergency Department News. In 1983, a third, Orthopedic Product News, was added. In the fall of 1988 all three of these tabloids were sold to the JB Lippincott Company.

In 1996, Britta Herlitz founded our sister company, Herlitz HealthCare: A Communications Company, and opened its New York office. HHC has strengthened THC’s unique position as a “one-stop-shop” specializing in all three key areas scientific and medical education: Exhibit/Meeting Management, Advertising Sales and Healthcare Communications.

This, in brief, is the history of The Herlitz Company. We remain active in both advertising and medical convention management and have added medical specialty conferences, special projects, and video presentations to our activities.